Topps Opening Day Blaster Box Break

I treated my seven year old son to a blaster box of Topps Opening Day 1013 Baseball cards as a little treat (along with some regular baseball packs) and he had a great time opening them all.


Some of the insert cards that he pulled include his favorite “Ballpark Fun” that show players getting hit with shaving cream pies and receiving a Gatorade shower. Lucas finds these silly cards to be pretty awesome and I cannot help but agree.


Some of the other “hits” were the Play Hard cards, which feature photos better then the regular cards, and a couple more mascot cards. One place where my son and my opinion differ are the 3D cards; he thinks they are merely alright while I think that they are awesome. The 3D cards and the minis are my favorite inserts from the regular line of Topps baseball and really get my interest when I see one in a pack.

I got a fully box of Opening Day cards off EBay for a really good price and hope to have it on Wednesday to break with Lucas. I know the odds are super long but I would live to pull an autographed mascot card, that would be something else!


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