Is this thing on? (tap, tap) Hello?

I will admit that I forgot I ever created this blog until I tried to leave a comment on baseball book blog post and was prompted to sign into my account. Looking back at my posts I have to admit that my son and I have come a long was as collectors since those posts. That box break we recorded a video of? We now have a YouTube channel full of videos including box breaks, sports card show recaps, our trips to baseball parks, and much more. It is humbling now to think back about that first video and hoping that maybe one-hundred people would see it so Lucas would not be disappointed.

Now our channel is approaching one-million viewers, has thousands of subscribers and we even are doing live group box breaks! I am not tooting our horn here, I am just humbled and amazed by the response that the video below has generated and how far we have come. I will try to post more here including videos, recaps of our breaks and such.

It has been a fun ride so far and we are just getting started!


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