2016 Donruss Box Break Results

We are not huge fans of the base Donruss set as the photographs are bland and the card backs are so lame as to be illegal in many states. There are some gems in the set though, the 1982 flashback cards are very strong and the variants are super easy to pick out. 


Here is a good example of the type of variants Donruss features this year. The card on the left is the standard Kris Bryant one, the card on the right replaces the position and city text with ROY, shirt for Rookie of the Year. Easy enough!

This was a Cubs heavy box for sure and the sticker autograph belonged to Jorge Soler and was numbered to 99.


 Why not make it another Cubs player, this time it isa duel patch relic card. Not the greatest but it beats a plain white patch any day!

Oh, here is that plain white patch card we had hoped to avoid. It’s a shame that a Blue Jays relic features an all white patch, some blue would have made for a very sharp card indeed.

If you love numbered foil base cards, this is the set for you! Each one of these is numbered and is from a different insert set. Donruss does love their foil! A nice touch is that the numbering of the statistics card relates to the number stat. For example in the photo above, Kevin Kieraier sports a .432 career slugging percentage and his foil is numbered 416/432. Nice.

I liked these elite series prism inserts, each numbered to 999. Hey, less than a thousand are floating around out there!


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