Matthew & Lucas Card Break Update #4 – Gypsy Queen spots are live

Good Afternoon,
By now everyone show have received their cards from the previous breaks so let’s look towards the future!


Donruss Diamond Kings (Approx March 30th) Teams are starting to go so let me know which ones you are interested in. Teams are $7 each, two or more $6 each including shipping.

Gypsy Queen (Release date April 6th, box break live on April 9th) A great group break which includes 2 autographs per box, two relic cards and one mini 10-card box topper. Teams are $7 each, two or more $6 each including shipping. If you want to mix and match between Diamond Kings and Gypsy Queen you can but the cards will now ship until the Gypsy Queen break.

Topps Museum Collection – Currently scheduled for release on April 13th. $22 for three random teams which will be drawn live on YouTube before the break! We have three spots left, RSVP your spot now, payment due April 1st. These are superhigh end cards, some of which can go for hundreds or thousands of dollars! Even a single pack will run you around $50, this is a good way to enjoy the set without breaking the bank.

Bowman Baseball – Coming at the end of April, I will announce when teams open up at the beginning of April so stay tuned.


Look for these box breaks coming soon on our channel: DC Comics Epic Battles, Doctor Who, Star Wars Galaxies Series 2, 2016 Topps Opening Day Baseball and many more! That is in addition to the usual mystery boxes, show reviews and more. 


We have a small blog running that you are welcome to check out, the address is where we post news on our breaks, hit recaps and more.

That is it for now, thanks for reading. If you want to be removed from future mailings just let us know. If you are reading this on the blog and want to receive this newsletter in your inbox email us at and we will add you.


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