2016 Donruss Baseball Group Break Tonight

 Just a reminder that we will be doing a live group break of Donruss 2016 Baseball on YouTube tonight. 

Teams are $7 each including shipping, two or more teams is $6 each including shipping.

Email me at mjszewczyk@hotmail.com for the list of teams available. Watch live at 7pm EST on YouTube or the HD archive tomorrow morning.


Topps 2016 Baseball Hobby Box Break #1

Baseball season is officially here with Spring Training beginning and the release of Topps Baseball series one! This year we did things a little differently, we did a group break of the box and we broke it live on YouTube! Let me tell you, being live is a whole different thing, with comments coming in with viewers, unexpected technical difficulties and more it was crazy and fun!

Is this thing on? (tap, tap) Hello?

I will admit that I forgot I ever created this blog until I tried to leave a comment on baseball book blog post and was prompted to sign into my account. Looking back at my posts I have to admit that my son and I have come a long was as collectors since those posts. That box break we recorded a video of? We now have a YouTube channel full of videos including box breaks, sports card show recaps, our trips to baseball parks, and much more. It is humbling now to think back about that first video and hoping that maybe one-hundred people would see it so Lucas would not be disappointed.

Now our channel is approaching one-million viewers, has thousands of subscribers and we even are doing live group box breaks! I am not tooting our horn here, I am just humbled and amazed by the response that the video below has generated and how far we have come. I will try to post more here including videos, recaps of our breaks and such.

It has been a fun ride so far and we are just getting started!

Our second Topps Archives 2013 box break





We opened up our second (at last) hobby box of Topps Baseball Archives and made a small video about the hits we pulled. I was really hoping for an Axl Rose autograph but I wound up with nothing from the Heavy Metal insert set which is a shame. After these two boxes I have a complete set of base cards and about a third of the SP cards so I think I am just about done buying this product except for the odd pack here and there.

I really enjoyed this box, some of the inserts are pretty damn amazing but I will let you see what we pulled in the video below, do not want to spoil it for you.

Topps Baseball Archives 2013 Box Break

I have made no secret of the fact that the 2012 Topps Archives set is what got me back into the hobby, it was a fun throw back to my childhood with some modern touches like autographs and inserts. The new 2013 set was released last week and I splurged on TWO sealed hobby boxes to break with my seven year old son Lucas. The poor little guy had two teeth pulled today at the dentist so as a reward for being super good during the process we broke the first box and got some good stuff.


Topps Opening Day Blaster Box Break

I treated my seven year old son to a blaster box of Topps Opening Day 1013 Baseball cards as a little treat (along with some regular baseball packs) and he had a great time opening them all.


Some of the insert cards that he pulled include his favorite “Ballpark Fun” that show players getting hit with shaving cream pies and receiving a Gatorade shower. Lucas finds these silly cards to be pretty awesome and I cannot help but agree.


Some of the other “hits” were the Play Hard cards, which feature photos better then the regular cards, and a couple more mascot cards. One place where my son and my opinion differ are the 3D cards; he thinks they are merely alright while I think that they are awesome. The 3D cards and the minis are my favorite inserts from the regular line of Topps baseball and really get my interest when I see one in a pack.

I got a fully box of Opening Day cards off EBay for a really good price and hope to have it on Wednesday to break with Lucas. I know the odds are super long but I would live to pull an autographed mascot card, that would be something else!

My sons first box break – Topps Opening Day 2013

One of the things I discovered upon my return to the hobby after twenty years was the advent of box breaks. For a small amount you can “buy” all the cards of a certain team when a third party opens a sealed box, this has been a great way for me to get lots of new Indians cards, including some great inserts.

I watch the breaks with my son and he wanted to film his own video so I bought a blaster box of Topps 2013 Opening Day and let him break it. Its pretty damn cute and although he does not know all the team names he does a pretty good job of it. Oh, he also calls any insert card a relic, I know it is not correct but he is only seven after all. Enjoy.